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    Hello ..
    Guys Fk is dying idk why but I was playing in fk from 1 year it was so much better , have alot of steam players and admins but now its not alot of hackers .. and not much good players so can u make the server like when any 1 join with hack get automatically ban ? Or something like this idk so much about this things but If u know uG servers do this thing when any 1 join with hack he will get automatically ban ...
    Central Beast

    Counter Strike 12 years and counting on this game.

    My kz records: B)

    [WHX|Bhop|KZ] mazak jumped 253.534 units with LongJump! (100aa)

    [WHX|Bhop|KZ] mazak jumped 263.798 units with CountJump! (100aa)

    [WHX|Bhop/KZ] mazak finished kz_dimblock in 53:10.58 ( CPs: 292 | TPs: 1126 | weapon: usp) !
  • I've seen something like that with which you said, a programmer and a CSGO player created a "hack" in which when it was run along with the game, the player who was using hack was banned with VAC.Good, regarding having a server with an efficient anticheat would be necessary to use sXe Injected, this program analyzes the files of the game and if it has a hack, the player would be banned at the time, nor would it let the player execute the game normally.