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    Just going to start off by saying - If you know all about cs 1.6 and believe you know everything just click away, from my time in sG i have seen lots of unexperienced players - even admins+, even i am still such a person but i know there are still people that know way less then me and others so i'm making this cheesy thread.


    Everything is well enough explained here. Other important commands are

    fps_max 100 (you can change the value for something that fits your pc like 150 for instance)
    fps_override 1 (steam only)
    fps_modem 0 (non steam) (can be a diffrent value)
    cl_updaterate 101
    cl_cmdrate 101
    gl_vsync 0
    gl_ansio 0
    rate 25 000
    ex_interp 0.01 - excact position of the player, if he lags he will teleport
    ex_interp 0.1 - smooth walking, incorrect shooting against laggers
    m_rawinput 1
    cl_lc 1
    cl_lw 1
    cl_shadows 0
    cl_cmdbackup 2
    cl_forwardspeed 400
    m_forward 1
    max_smokepuffs 120
    max_shells 120

    Steamers online, open steam, library, right click on cs 1.6, properties, set launch options and input: -noforcemspd -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -nojoy -nofbo

    Note: turning off all programs (chrome, skype, utorrent etc) helps out with fps aswell.


    The best and most used binds are

    bind "F1" "autobuy"
    bind "F2" "rebuy"
    bind "f3" "awp;primammo;deagle;secammo;vesthelm;flash;flash;hegren"
    bind "f4" "ak47;primammo;deagle;secammo;vesthelm;flash;flash;hegren"
    bind "n" "m4a1;primammo;deagle;secammo;vesthelm;flash;flash;hegren"
    bind "f7" "say Join Our Discord Server ("
    bind "f8" "say Join us at" (it shows up in chat and not on screen, so it doesnt bother players that much)
    bind "f9" "say @Join us at"
    bind "f10" "say @Feel free to use our tag [sG] with your name"
    bind "f12" "snapshot"
    bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump"
    bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+duck"
    bind "t" "say /vodka" (CTF)
    bind "p" "amxmodmenu" (admins only)
    bind "i" "messagemode amx_chat" (admins only)
    bind "v" "ignorerad" really good bind for people who are tired of ingame sounds of teamates and nades. Special shoutout to @Victor for the bind as he taught me of it

    And my favourite binds of them all

    bind "F5" "messagemode record"
    bind "F6" "stop"

    For the people who don't know how they work, its well enough explained here. @Jest is the person who thought of them so give him some love as its the best bind for admins/people who make reports. I've been using it for half an year now, and have had my cs reset 2 times, the first thing i did both times was enter these binds. So instead of opening console and typing record and name then open console again and type stop, just press f5 and type the name of the demo you are making and when you get good enough proof just press f6. Example, f5 gjfospjhpofh, get good proof f6. You can even go as far as binding amx_ss.

    Admin commands and usage

    Amx_nick is to change the nickname of an advertiser to something advertising sG. For instance, mv-player 21, warrior player and other players with starter names, just change them to something advertising sG, example - amx_nick player SilentGamerz.Com.

    Amx_ss name of offender, make sure you ss inside the demo.

    Admin esp - press R to see it, turn off everything except 2 (box). If you dont see box at some moments you might have turned it off, press r and use w/s to turn it on/off.

    Getting ip and id of a disconected player - amx_last.

    Banning a disconected player - open amxmodmenu (p) - press 9 - press 9 again and then 4.

    And the most important thing of them all, NEVER kick spectators if the game isnt filled (31/32) players, the more time the game is 31, the more people get redirected to other servers.

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