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  • All the Rules

    Admin rules : Admin Rules
    Community rules : Community Rules
    English only (in the english section): English in forum
    Impersonating and advertising : Impersonating and advertising
    Donation agreement : Donation Agreement
    Other useful things:
    How to deal with campers
    What to do with an IP changer : Admins

    SnapShots: Demo is primary, ss are secondary evidance. Always record a demo before baning someone.
    More here: Snapshots


    Read all the rules.
    Admins must use the same name in forum and in-game.Only staff can use other names in game(if they need to catch a cheater or fix something).
    When you ban someone you must record a min 3 rounds demo.
    When you ban someone after that come and check forum if there is an unban app.
    Admins dont use custom bans. Only highers use that. Reminder
    Be polite in forum and dont argue. If you do it will result in taking away your rank and maybe ban.
    Be respectful to all the players in the server.(This is for admins+)
    We are all friends here. Some of the people here i see them as family. So i dont want any problems and drama.
    If you need something or you are not sure about something you are always free to ask highers. Im available for everyone.

    READ EVERY LINK THAT IS IN THIS POST. Read it and follow it. Me and the others(staff+) spent time and effort for these posts. At least you can read them. But if you dont follow them it will result with your admin privileges being taken away.

    I will edit this thread if i forgot something or we update some rules.

    UNDERTAKER - My steam account

    Don't add me if:
    you have a ban.
    you are not level 10+
    your profile is private.

    If you are from sG and you want to add me, comment first your name and ill add you.

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