9/24- FFA GunGame - Fy/Aim/Awp - Servers updates

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    • 9/24- FFA GunGame - Fy/Aim/Awp - Servers updates

      - New Servers -

      SilentGamerz Management Would Like To Announce Our very new 2 server

      starting with our OWN MOD Free For All GunGame Server!!!

      This is totally new mod made by SilentGamerz management team, and bugfree "hopefully" FreeForAll mod

      On this mod you start with a pistol (glock) and all what you have to do is to be the first who finish the game by passing 23 level and reach the knife
      BUT!, this is a FreeForFall GunGame, which means you're alone, there is NO teammates, you may kill anyone and level up
      Features :

      Multi jumps
      Gameme rank system
      Gameme points on winning the game [+25 point]
      Random spawn
      Spawn protection
      Real time damage
      Game Menu
      FULL FIXED FFA (Gameme points on killing teammate/Full damage/Frag+ on scoreboard/spawn protection from teammates etc...)
      Quake Sounds
      and of course gungame :)

      GameMenu Preview
      MapList :

      - gg_Star
      - gg_skycompound
      - gg_hajter
      - de_dust2
      - gg_pool_suite
      - gg_4season
      - gg_buzz
      - gg_fy_battlefield
      - gg_rapidfire_s
      - gg_ng_hyperblast

      To Do :
      Fix & Add
      players modesl
      Add Hp per kill
      Add new DD2 Maps
      auto join team without choosing

      2nd of all


      Our very old server, filled with fun awp and aim maps

      MapList :

      - awp_india
      - fy_new_pool_day2
      - awp_8gua_32
      - aim_ak-colt
      - awp_distancia
      - fy_snow2
      - aim_headshot
      - awp_crazyjumpfy_dust-mix
      - fy_pool_day
      - aim_respect
      - awp_zigzag
      - fy_snow3
      - fy_ee3_2k5
      - fy_m4a1-vs-ak47

      VIP Features :
      As a VIP
      1.You get Free grenades each round. (HE,2FB,SG)
      2.Free Armor+Helm
      3.You See bullet damage at real time.
      4.Write /vips u will see VIP's online.
      5.You can have access to use Admin Chat
      6.Slot reservation
      7.From 3rd round you will see menu:
      BUT There is 2 diffrent menus depending on the map
      On Fy_ aim_ prefix map you will have
      1.Get Free M4K1 and Deagle+HE
      2.Get Free AK47 and Deagle+HE
      3.Get a Free Awp and Deagle+HE
      on Awp_ prefix maps You will have
      1.Get Free Awp + Scout and Deagle+HE
      2.Get Free Awp and Deagle+HE
      3.Get a Free Scout and Deagle+HE
      8. You will have 1 EXTRA JUMP on fy_ Aim_ maps

      VIP Cost : 7$

      Fy/Aim maps preview

      Awp maps preview

      To Do :
      Best player of the round
      Add more new maps

      - Servers Updates -

      Capture The Flag

      - Fixs Blocks
      - Added skywalk blocking to some spots
      - Add Blocks on every maps, fun and ofcurse secret
      - Fully confirming BF2 as a main plugin on the server

      To Do :
      Add new maps
      Add Gameme points for capturing the flag actions

      Zombie Plague

      Alot of new updates and work been going on there, @KillaHinstinct will hit us with the new updates soon

      That's it so far, new more updates are coming!

      FFA GunGame server is boosted, and for LONG time so don't worry, as for admin apps on FFA GG and Fy.Aim/Awp its Opened in the lowest requirements
      If you're already Server Admin you can PM staff to add as admin on one of the servers ( FY/Aim/Awp and FFA GunGame ) for SHORT TERMS ONLY, If you're Trial admin you can change your admin to one of the new servers and continue your trial there

      If you found any bug or you have Any suggestion please post it on it right server section

      If you like the updates and you want more kindly donate for us!
      Please Keep In mind that each CENT the management get from the donations is ALWAYS used for sG improvment, sG pay for server hosting/gameme rank system/boosting and much more stuff from our own personal money with absolutely 0 payback just for sG ! the main use of the donations is to boost our servers to get our family bigger and bring sG to the top

      Donate Link

      GameMenu will be updated soon with the new servers

      special thanks to everyone who helped me out on the servers and give me a hand on it, @UNDERTAKER @Jack @The Mighty Don't Kneel @KillaHinstinct and everyone else

      sG to the top!

      Your leader - Mr.sY!