• So there is this aimbot cheater so i ban him all the time he still comes to server with different ip he keeps coming with hes hack its just if i leave hes gonna be back and hes just gonna kill everyone because admins are not comign to server anymore i dont know what to do ban hes steam id or something he just doesnt give up i been banning this guy for the whole hour kicking and all that
    This dude is always right
  • well, i dont think he will be in the server for a while, he was changing only his steam ID.
    If he comes again contact me.
    Gay as fuck :D

    ⎛⎝ SaFoO ⎠⎞ #IImGoinToBeAnUncle!: im high
    ⎛⎝ SaFoO ⎠⎞ #IImGoinToBeAnUncle!: stop
    B0T .Cout: high?
    B0T .Cout: civil eng
    ⎛⎝ SaFoO ⎠⎞ #IImGoinToBeAnUncle!: an
    ⎛⎝ SaFoO ⎠⎞ #IImGoinToBeAnUncle!: ant
    ⎛⎝ SaFoO ⎠⎞ #IImGoinToBeAnUncle!: just
    ⎛⎝ SaFoO ⎠⎞ #IImGoinToBeAnUncle!: bite my dick
    ⎛⎝ SaFoO ⎠⎞ #IImGoinToBeAnUncle!: FFS
    B0T .Cout: lmfao
    B0T .Cout: how
    B0T .Cout: why
    B0T .Cout: u dont bite mine?
    ⎛⎝ SaFoO ⎠⎞ #IImGoinToBeAnUncle!: why i dunno
    ⎛⎝ SaFoO ⎠⎞ #IImGoinToBeAnUncle!: how