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    Hey guys.

    I am making this post with the hopes of helping people here at the comunity Engine get better at cs. Prior to viewing, please note that this guide is for more experienced players, and that not all information here is absolutely necessary for you to follow, I am just sharing my own experience and writing my own guide on how to become better. I know I may not be that good, but when I was in my prime time of CS, this is how it happened. By following this simple guide, you are taking the steps to becoming a better Counter-Strike player.

    General Commands, Noforce Commands

    First off, as a more experienced player it is recommended that you set your config to read-only, this helps a lot since your rates won't change and your game will be presistent. Once you have your own feel for the game you will be more confident and will know when you will get the kill with style. To do this go to your cstrike folder, right click on your config.cfg file, select properties, and check the box "read-only" Afterwards, create a text file named userconfig.txt in your cstrike folder, and enter the following commands in it! These are rates emlpoyed by leagues, mostly default, but it makes the game smooth and optimizes connection. After you're done, save it as a userconfig.cfg file and delete the text file!

    General Commands to Use:

    Source Code

    1. ex_interp 0.01
    2. fps_max 99.5
    3. cl_cmdrate 101
    4. cl_updaterate 101
    5. cl_lc 1
    6. cl_lw 1
    7. r_mmx 1
    8. s_a3d 0
    9. s_eax 0
    10. rate 25000
    You may have seen other commands or rates, but they are changed only to your preference, so find what suits you!

    Noforce Commands (Launch commands)

    A lot of professional players use noforce commands, they are helpful, so you might want to try them as well. To set these launch commands, simply Open up your Steam Library > Counter-Strike > Properties > Set Launch Options and in the field put the following:

    Source Code

    1. -noforcemspd
    2. -noforcemaccel
    3. -noforcemparms
    4. -freq 75 (or what refresh rate your monitor uses i.e. 60, 85, 100, 125)
    5. -nojoy
    6. -heapsize 1200000
    7. -32bpp
    8. +ex_interp 0.01

    What the first 3 noforce commands do is generally disable your mouse acceleration in game even more, and syncing the game with your desktop. The last 3 make the game smoother. Heapsize and nojoy distribute more of your processors and video cards dedicated memory to the game. (Last 3 are optional). If you're on non-steam, right click the cs 1.6 shortcut, and under properties, where it says 'Target', add the commands after the opening line.

    Shooting Tips
    (Source: n0thing's guide and personal experience)

    Since you already have a list of video, connection, and hitbox interp commands, it's time to get in the habit of using the most effective way to shoot guns.
    When shooting any weapon, you want to be both static and mobile, this means that you want to strafe when you're not shooting, and quickly shoot without moving. Since the game is old, you can't necessarily shoot and hit people while moving, so by remaining stationary you are able to hit shots better, and take more advantage of the registry..

    When shooting the AK-47

    Long distance shots are hard to hit when you shoot a lot, this means you need to time your shots fast and accurately. The most effective way found to do this is by semi-automatically shooting your weapon. (Single Taps) This way most shots you fire hit the enemy.
    At what you find to be medium distance shot it's effective to combine your shooting. This means tapping the first 2 bullets, and spraying the rest. That way you hit the first couple of shots, and it's easy to spray down the rest. It is important to keep recoil at a minimum level. So when you shoot the AK-47, hold your mouse down and left. This keeps the spraying shot straight.
    Small distance encounters are fairly simple. The most important thing to note is that you shouldn't always spray. You need to know when to spray, (for example if you know your enemy is lower on health than you, that's your marker). Otherwise, what I recommend (and what n0thing says) is burst 4-5 bullets at a time, while moving and following the recoil patterns mentioned above.

    When shooting the M4A1

    With the M4 you generally want to do the same thing, with just a few minor differences.
    Long distance shots should be fired semi-automatically (single fire shots)
    Medium distance shot should be fired at 3-4 bursts while maintaining recoil.
    Close distances are your go for spraying. The m4a1 is easier to control when spraying in game, just make sure you're aware of your surroundings

    When using the AWP

    Follow these guides

    To maintain a steady spray with the two main weaopns (M4A1 and AK-47) you can do two things; quickly move your crosshair from side to side at small lenghts, or hold down your crosshair down to the right (for the m4) and down to the left for the AK.

    Miscellaneous In-Game Tips (Source: General Knowledge of the game)

    - When playing, you want to have control over the game and play without problems. To achieve this control, it is recommended by higher level players that you use a lower sensetivity (not higher than 2.5) but after all this is all preferencial. The lower the sensetivity, the better aim you have at longer distances. (and it doesn't take long to get used to it). Stick to a 800x600 or 640x480 resolution, this makes all the player models bigger which is essential for aiming. It also adds an easier feel to the game, just what I think. Remember to get in the habit of walking, this makes it harder for your enemies to locate you.

    - The game of counter-strike, along with other First Person Shooters, is known for having a huge psychological factor on the players [sounds kind of weird I know], but it is essential for you to stay calm and enjoy the game, after all that is why it's made. If you feel like you're getting mad or you don't like what's going on, simply, just leave the server. Don't be intimidated by anybody on the internet, they can't do anything. Watch demos of good players, note how they play and try using some of their tricks. Don't forget to watch your own demos and see what mistakes you might've made. Draw conclusions.

    - Use general knowledge of the game to your advantage. Know when to prefire somebody effectively, use your radar and follow your instinct (best way to learn). Also, understand that you will not always be the better player. There are people who have much more experience than us, who play the game at a much higher level of skill and will have an advantage over you. Don't worry though, this helps you get better as well! When scrimming, follow your teammates strategies, and make proper calls. Remember that teamwork is just as important as getting a frag, (if not even more important). A good command which helps is _cl_autowepswitch 0 so you don't automatically change weapons if it's picked up.

    Hope this helps.