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  • Staff Application Template

    Recruitment Process

    After you've made your application, Someone from the Management Team will review it. If there is a lack of information or inconsistencies, the reviewer will make comments about it, and you will have to edit your application. Extra questions may be asked if necessary.

    1. Create a new thread under the "Application Center" section
    2. Title that thread: "Your Name - Staff Application"
    3. Select Staff Tag for "What are you Applying For ?"
    4. Use the formatting below to copy/paste the application.
    5. Answer all questions completely and honestly. Incomplete applications will be ignored.

    1. You must be At least be a Server Admin.
    2. We are an English speaking Community, as part of our management you should be able to speak English fluently.
    3. Forum use is a must. The forums are used for conveying messages about events, contests, announcements, along with general socialization.
    4. Must be Well Known and Acknowledged through out the community.
    5. Should be Active and Contribute* to our Community (contribute doesn't mean that you necessarily have to donate)
    6. Be mature. It is not so much about your age as it is about your personality and the way you act with others. We love having fun.
    7. Voice your opinion. This is one of the most important rules because if we are able to reach a consensus as a Community, it’s one step forward to staying at the top.


    Real Name:


    Time Zone:

    How long have you been gaming?:

    Talk to us about your skills/experience?:

    which language(s) do you speak fluently ?:

    Why should we accept you as part of the moderating team?:

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