Pinned Admin Rules

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  • Admin Rules

    -All Server Admins MUST check the forums every day. 10 Warning Points

    -All Server Admins, Server Managers & Demo Reviewers MUST represent SilentGamerz by tagging up at all times such as, sG | Your name, Your name #sG, Your name 10 Warning Points

    -AllServer AdminsMUST NOT use any AMXX commands on another Server Admins. 10 Warning Points

    -All Server Admins are NOT permitted to use CUSTOM ban reasons such as, lagging. 10 Warning Points

    -All Server Admins MUST follow Higher Rank Members orders. 10 Warning Points

    -As Server Admin, you MUST not use any abusive words/language. 10 Warning Points

    -Do NOT ban Campers/Skywalkers permanently. Warn/Slap 3-4 times max(no dmg)/Slay/Kick/Ban for 5 minutes are required. If he/she still camps, contact to Staff+ 10 Warning Points

    -As Server Admin, you MUST respect all members/players, if you see members/players disrespecting you, server admins, You have a right to ban them for 24 hours(1 day). 10 Warning Points

    -If Unban Appeal has been posted and your proof has not been posted within next 24 hours, the player will be unbanned and you will have 72 hours(3days) to show your proof. 10 Warning Points

    -As Server Admin, you MUST record a demo at least 3 rounds before banning a player. 10 Warning Points

    -Server Admins MUST ban hackers permanently without any type of warning after recording the demo. 10 Warning Points