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  • Donnie Brasco Walling 24/7

    master1g - - CLEAN


    MAKE A NEW THREAD in cheater report section. Just follow the format as below, Name of the cheater: Donnie Brasco Steam ID / IP address: STEAM_0:1:216282254 Type of hack: Wall Hack Server: SG 24/7 Dust2 Proof: Didn't record, was playing against him at the time. I don't even play this game regularly any more, but I came in to play for about an hour earlier tonight. I noticed this guy always happening to just "know" where everyone is, but didn't think anything of it. He starts accusing me of cheati…

  • Acid banned as per usual once a year... Link to my unban appeal. He clearly doesn't need admin if he is banning someone with over 5k hours of cs and then telling me he is going to keep me banned anyways. I appreciate if the people I've played with often, samuse, cr@zy, x-1, etc. please consider this. This guy is not good for the server. I've played in your servers for over 5 years + under names: cancel, master, acid. Why would I cheat on an account with tons of bought games... lol?

  • lol... What kind of attitude? So you're just gonna keep me banned when I've never hacked before. Good luck on that and keeping your admin I would say.

  • Remember that a Successful Appeal is an Appeal that you filled out honestly, Lying will get you nowhere Format Your In Game Name: acid Name of the Admin who banned you: No idea as I only got this in my console - Kicked by Console: You are BANNED. Check your console. Kicked : You are BANNED. Check your console. Server: 24/7 dust2 SG Steamid: STEAM_0:0:11389472 Ban URL (optional): This is what happens when you let anyone have admin yet again. If you simply steamcalc my steamid up there you can see…