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  • Unan Appeal

    The Mighty Don't Kneel - - Approved


    Unbanned. Just tell sky he will stay banned until and if we decide to unban him so don't let him touch your accounts. Closed and moved.

  • Aplication admin Raiz

    The Mighty Don't Kneel - - Approved


    Approved. Your Pw will be sent through pms. Make sure to read the admin rules. Zombie Plague Official Server Admin Rules Server Admin Rules If you have any questions feel free to ask a staff+ any time.

  • Quote from Mr.happy: “ ” used to listen to it on a playlist and play ffa gg 2 years back lol

  • Admin Application

    The Mighty Don't Kneel - - Rejected


    1. You must be a Member. 2. You are only able to apply for 1 server at a time and you have be active in the server you are applying for (5 Days Per week). You Must Notify us if you are on a Short/Long Term Relief. 3. Forum use is a must. The forums are used for conveying messages about events, contests, announcements, along with general socialization. 4. Be motivated and able to learn quickly. Don't be shy. Ask around if you don’t know anything. We are here to help. 5. Be mature. It is not so mu…

  • Again!

    The Mighty Don't Kneel - - Rejected


    First off, admins are not allowed to comment on unban appeals unless they are directly involved in the situation, which none of you were. Consider this as a warning. Secondly, sky, unless you don't remember, you were given chance after chance, whether it was to be member or admin. You blew all your chances away a long time ago, to add on that you made more accounts and lied some more trying to get adminship. And finally, closed and moved. If other staff+ want to add something and give you a chan…

  • the conversation i sent you

  • not your cs, i mean the program steam, anyway did you follow the pm correctly

  • Approved. Make sure to read the admin rules Zombie Plague Official Server Admin Rules Server Admin Rules If you have any questions feel free to ask a staff+ any time.

  • Forgiveness

    The Mighty Don't Kneel - - Rejected



  • accepted make sure to read the Server Admin Rules if you have any inquiries/questions feel free to ask a staff+

  • It's not racial discrimination, I'd like you to explain to me whats ,, racial" discrimination and how it has anything to do with you being American, if you wanna use that word. Anyway, please fix your paragraphs and try to write normally, we can't review your suggestion if we cant read it

  • Quote from Jack: “ Third, you say you from US. Then why is all this so autistic? ” because he is from the US

  • vouch

  • Bad experience2

    The Mighty Don't Kneel - - Admin Abuse


    txboy feel free to report a couple of cheaters and apply for admin. valboy hackers are a priority to hostages, hope you improve on that. i dont want more reports in this manner on forums or servers between the two of you, if you have to say something pm a staff first. closed

  • One thing no one can deny about Germany is they had the best generals of the war, Keitel, Kluge, Rundstedt, Paulus, Walter Model, Guderian, Erwin Rommel and most importantly Erich Von Manstein. In Bulgarias biggest Facebook War History group (40k people) there was a Tournament deathmatch for best general of world war 2. Manstein annihalated Rundstedt Montgomery and Patton, whilst Rommel had a close win on Model, Alexander, and Rokosovsky. In the final for my huge suprise Rommel beat Manstein by …

  • Quote from CrazyAlbo: “Quote from The Mighty Don't Kneel: “. Japan didn't surrender because it was bombed with nuclear weapons and I know that sounds ridiculous, but at the same day the first bomb was dropped USSR attacked in Manchuria and blitz up till Korea borders today. War was against Germany to put it under western dictatorship and to this day it's still a semi - protectorate of the USA ” In reality I believe that it was the Allies (USSR, Great Britain, France, USA, Canada, Australia and M…

  • Dunkirk is a situation with two faces played well at the time by Hitler. He let the troops go without atacking them severely hoping Britain would sue for peace In good German terms. On the other hand on the beaches you had bigass English ships that could shoot 4k and more away so if it went down to guerilla tactics yes the Germans could have wiped them out but would have lossed many soldiers. In a normal situation you would say great tactic by Hitler but Churchill is a piece of shit who knew USS…

  • Quote from CrazyAlbo: “Quote from The Mighty Don't Kneel: “ this is a video. in bulgaria we have a phrase about russia in wars - ,,и накрая руснаците ги биха'', which translates to ,,and in the end the russians beat them'' which covers every russian war ” Dude, honestly, no matter how much hate or love people might have towards Russia, you have to admit that without Russian involvement (especially WWII) the world would have been a different place.... The nazis coul…