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  • 1/30 PUBG

    samy :) - - Forum Updates


    I agree with you

  • Introducing PUG Server

    samy :) - - News


    hi bro welcom


    samy :) - - Rejected


    Your In-Game name : SoHo:) Steam or Non-Steam: no steam Your SteamID: later Have you been admin before: Yes Why do you want admin access in our servers: uz i can control the server by using an amxmodx in right way and help it from aims. Cheater reports link you have made: no one Do you know how to use AMX commands:Yes Do you agree with our Admin rules: Yes Your time zone:(19:55) In which server you want to be admin: FFA Weapon Chance Server | SilentGamerZ

  • hhh awesome

  • hi guys

    samy :) - - Introductions


    In-Game Name: SoHo Real Name: samy Age/Birth Date: 14/04/1998 Country/State (province)/City: Algeria Current Job/Career: college student Job/Career you want: Doctor ::) Which of our server(s) do you most prefer(name): Dust 2 and Zombie Plague Steam (if you have) : later on who invited you here? : No One.