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  • Lots Of Hackers!!

    Saber - - Suggestions


    I learned something from the current community I am in, this may help y'all out [Thanks for your advice] Look at second post Sorry if u find this as an advertisement but it's not

  • HUe hue niggas from everywhere

    Saber - - Introductions


    Hello raper? Haha

  • Vouch!!! Quote from [C]raZyyy^[P]AtterNNNNN: “Dnt Knw if supposed to comment here. But Vouch from me.. He is very active and detects hackers very easily ” not till ur full admin

  • Know me Butter :P

    Saber - - Introductions


    Hackeeer u have been reported jk, hello yoyo I guess u are gonna be a artist?

  • Quote from frAd^: “I don't think it's fair for your score since sometimes there is people trying to get in bombsite but they can't, however they tried it. I can't talk about campers, maybe it's fair for them but as I mentioned, there are people trying. ” Ah I forgot about that, I just play for fun don't really care about my score. So maybe if we could add something so that that death doesn't add to the individual's score?

  • That sounds good I mean why would it matter anyways cause u get free money so it's a way to make people to do the objective

  • Language boards

    Saber - - Complied Issues


    I can take care of Chinese if u guys like

  • Quote from UNDERTAKER: “Quote from F!N!$H3R ON F!R3 </3: “IS this still on hold or u forgot about it @UNDERTAKER ” I dont manage FK, i told the people who do and they are discussing it, not me.And i dont forget things. ” lol super memory?

  • Adminship! :)

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  • Add

    Saber - - Dust 2 Server | SilentGamerZ


    Ooooo for Christmas theme haha it will still be dd2 just a different look

  • No Active Admins

    Saber - - Complaints


    lol i dont know maybe u just got on at the time where the admins are dealing with life things cause i just got on including me there would be 3 admins on so it will be better in the weekends cause i will be able to get on alot and i mean alot more

  • Unban

    Saber - - Rejected

    Post i am pretty sure this was anti recoil cause as u see in the demo i went in to the game and did what u were doing with the awp but my bullets went everywhere while urs stayed in one place