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If you would like to support the SilentGamerz, then you can make a donation which helps us to finance events, to cover the server costs and to maintain our forum.

Donations 104

Username Date Donation type Amount
lubenal3 PayPal 15.00 USD
rOyZ PayPal 10.00 USD
Bsb PayPal 20.00 USD
Mist PayPal 25.00 USD
Bsb PayPal 10.00 USD
X-1 PayPal 5.00 USD
X-1 PayPal 30.00 USD
skit PayPal 15.00 USD
Junior[MX] PayPal 1.00 USD
Junior[MX] PayPal 18.00 USD
lubenal3 PayPal 5.00 USD
lubenal3 PayPal 15.00 USD
Jack PayPal 50.00 USD
Red PayPal 30.00 USD
Jack PayPal 1.00 USD
Bsb PayPal 10.00 USD
zest PayPal 5.00 USD
M-Rong PayPal 23.00 USD
meth0d PayPal 15.00 USD
X-1 PayPal 30.00 USD